Hunsar is a compact team of experienced people with a strong background in commercial video production.Besides our passion for film we love fashion, music, design, and travel. Somehow all of these fields are related and it shows in our work. We’ve worked on all kinds of budgets small and large and are used to collaborating with people from all over the world. We understand the mechanisms of new communication channels and are fully plugged into social media. Our network of directors and creators are highly talented artists who understand the market and come up with tailor-made strategies for your products or clients. Today’s audiences are media-savvy, hungry consumers, who actively decide on what they want to consume, how much, when, and where. They do not follow trends blindly. They are participants, producers, and some celebrities in their own right. With the ear on the asphalt we are as fluent in the millennials’ lingo as well as other demographics’ grammar. Our approach is all-embracing: whether you want to appeal to a sophisticated fashionistas or reach a flood stricken farmer, we will engage with them. With our understanding of your audience we’ll make sure they watch and listen.


Hunsar’s producers are highly motivated and think outside the box. Our long-standing experience in film and television helps us translate even your most complicated ideas into engaging films. We’re team-players who love to play hard!


Every one of your ideas is unique and every job is different. That’s why our producers will tailor the best team to suit your job. We constantly source for talent new and old and have personal longstanding contact to experts in all fields of production.


Whatever your budget, we do not make compromises. We believe excellent creative work does not necessarily mean a large wallet. We tackle your production with the artistic approach it deserves.



Norachai Kiatkobchai

Managing Director

Nuchanart Maleethavornkul

Art Director



Whatever the scale of your production, from tiny to huge, we’re used to it and give it equal attention. Our experienced team puts your creative idea into a stunning film. Whether you want to shoot a branded documentary in the neighborhood or go global, we make sure that you breeze through the process from the first brief to the final cut delivery.


Thailand is an amazing place to shoot: amazing beaches, serene mountains, stunning waterfalls, exotic urban life. We also offer top of the line equipment and are known for the best film crews in the region. No matter how complicated the shoot may be, our bilingual producers and their meticulous attention to detail will allow you to relax and concentrate on your creative work. We’re also known for making sure you have a great time while at it!


New media channels offer incredible opportunities for omni-channel campaigns. Many of our directors are highly skilled in the digital realm and vastly connected to take your creative ideas to the next level. Our approach goes way beyond simple execution, we offer strategies, and collaborations so your next viral videos gets the hits you want.


Behind every note, there’s a story. Our directors will come up with the visuals that will make your music reach a wider audience.


Thailand has a large pool of talented still photographers for all typed of photo production. We’ll hook you up with the best for your next beauty campaign, or cover your film-production with amazing behind- the scene photos, so you can plug your campaign through all channels in one go.


Post production can make or break a film and Hollywood has spoilt audiences with advanced visual techniques. Hunsa’s producers have vast experience in this field and know the intricacies of doing it right and on budget for state-of-the-art hassle-free results.


Full Production

Production Service



  • Marco

    Marco's work combines an edgy visual style, attention to art direction and lighting, energetic talent direction, and definite forward thinking attitude designed to elevate each commercial in a unique way. Merging this with an understanding of the clients’ needs for particular brands, each commercial is intricately put together to satisfy the clients’ requirements.

  • Jan

    Jan directs a wide variety of films, television, digital adverts and music videos. Her signature style is cinematic imagery of fashion and beauty. Having architectural background, she also has unique approach to editing and composition. Put simply, Jan’s work is effective and effortlessly chic.

  • Vitto

    Vitto has a unique eye for emotional storytelling. Combined with his highly visual approach and eclectic style, he has won a series of Lions at Cannes and a string of other awards worldwide, and gained the trust of the top agencies and clients in the region. His passion and dedication to the craft are infectious. Once experienced, you will want to come back for more.

  • Dui

    Dui interprets marketing concept accurately, then combines it with creative visual design. Having an assistant director background, Dui is skilful in production, camera, editing, and visual graphics. His forte also expands to digital commercials. His “Miracle” ad for AIS mobile network won B.A.D. Awards for Best of 2008 Viral Ad.

  • Eva Munz

    Trained as a feature film director and journalist Eva is a visual storyteller and she loves what she does. She built her extensive career in Europe before working in Asia. Her experience is vast and varied: from hard-boiled car commercials, seductive skincare campaigns, low-budget online videos, to television news. Eva is based in New York City and speaks conversational Thai.

  • Aoe

    Aoe’s passion in film making budded during his university years. Starting from directing music videos and short films for Thai Film Festival, he then shifted his interest to TVC. Having background in Visual Communications, his forte lies in simplifying complicated story lines and telling a story with stunning art direction. His repertoire of ads includes both local and regional brands like Pantene, Garnier, Neutrogena, and Oreo.

  • Antony Redman

    Redman was the youngest Creative Director of an agency in Asia. He guided Batey Ads Singapore to the number one creative ranking in Australasia two years running and second in the world. He won over 300 awards at every major international award show. He then switched to directing. His first film won World's Best Public Service TVC and was selected for the Saatchi and Saatchi New Director's Showcase in Cannes.

  • Simon Cracknell

    An award-winning director and photographer for over 10 years, Simon grew up in London. His naturally relaxed and engaging style, performance-led visuals and keen attention to detail have been employed on campaigns for Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Johnson's, Pantene, Citibank, and Nike among others. He has been awarded at Cannes, BTA's, D&AD's, Adfest, and Kinsale.

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